Lone Star Alliance

Beginning in 2024, the Texas Medical Association Alliance (TMAA) has created a chapter designed specifically for the spouses/partners and members of the Lone Star Caucus. The Lone Star Alliance fosters meaningful connections among physician families across the state, and particularly those within the Lone Star Caucus.

Leaders of the Lone Star Caucus asked the TMA Alliance for help to develop this chapter. Members of the Lone Star Alliance can benefit from the pillars of the TMA Alliance – a space to be with people who “get you,” collaboration and idea-sharing on community outreach, and a unified group to advocate on behalf of patients and the practice of medicine.

Lone Star Alliance members receive all the benefits of TMAA members – the monthly e-newsletter, access to TMA’s ready-made outreach programs, conferences where you can meet TMAA members from across Texas, and other resources. To learn more, visit the TMAA website.

Membership dues are as follows:

$50 active members
$25 retired members
$10 widow/widowers

Applications are accepted until March 31 for 2024. You also can call the TMA Knowledge Center at (800) 880-7955 to join.

TMAA is a community of physicians, resident physicians, medical students, and their spouses/partners that provides friendship, mentorship, and personal enrichment. It offers a ready-made support system for the unique challenges of medical families – from training to residency to the working years to retirement and even death.